of the Hungarian nobility in Slovakia




61/1918 Coll.



of 10. December 1918


on the abolishion of the nobility, of orders and titles



§ 1

The nobility, as well as all rights resulting thereof, equally decorations having been lent as mere titles, shall be abolished. Only those titles shall remain valid, to which - after fulfilling of prescribed conditions - it shall be possible to acquire a legal claim (title of the doctor, engineer etc.), then titles that correspond to a really held official rank and title granted by universities (honorary doctor, etc.).

Former nobles may not lead her first name with a predicate or additive characterizing the nobility.


§ 2

Citizens of the Czechoslovak Republic may not even in abroad validly accept awards which were abolished by the previous Article.


§ 3

The Minister of the Interior is imposed to implement this law in agreement with the present ministers.


§ 4

This act shall be valid on the day of its promulgation.




Dr. Karel Kramář

A. Švehla