of the Hungarian nobility in Slovakia




Membership in the association


The association shall have

a) ordinary members,

b) extraordinary members,

c) supporting members and

d) honorary members.

The association membership shall be voluntary. The highest number of association members shall not be limited.

Each person can be a member of the association that

a) is capable of acting,

b) agrees with the statute of the association,

c) wants to participate in the activity of the association,

d) has submitted a written application for admission,

e) has paid both registration and membership fee; this is not valid for an honorary member, and

f) has fulfilled the other preconditions for the creation of the membership according this statute.

The admission request of a person under age shall need a written approval of her legal representatives or those of the representative ordered by the court.

The registration fee shall be 20 € and shall be paid when submitting the admission request according to paragraph 2 letter e).

The membership fee shall be

a) 24 € per calendar year for an ordinary and extraordinary member and

b) 12 € per calendar year for a supported member

and shall be payable until 31 January of the current year.

The membership fee of a newly admitted member shall create the proportional part of contributions according to the previous paragraph and it shall be payable within one month from the date of the notification of the admission to an association member.


The additional preconditions of the membership are laid down in articles 20 – 23 of the statute.